A humble yet passionate man, Wayne Anderson the bus driver from Wollongong received a dream and vision to help people in need in his community of Shell Harbour, NSW. So he formed street teams with his local church and that was a great success.

“Then God told him to take it further”

In his vision later God told him that he would supply a Pilatus PC-12 for each State in Australia. While Wayne is a long time private pilot and aviation enthusiast, he knew nothing about this aircraft and needed to ask around at the aero club to even confirm such a plane existed!

The vision still stands, and we wait for the manifestation.

We also believe in ‘stepping out in faith’ so we hire planes and drive our 4WD’s in the meantime.  Removing unbelief we trust Father that the first PC-12 to be made available for reaching our indigenous friends and welcoming them to the Christian family real soon.


Wayne and Brian Sonneman met in Kununurra in 2010 and talked about helping remote Australian communities with the gospel and Vision Radio and God TV satellite systems.

So we launched the Chariots of Fire Ministries W.A. Inc at Kings Church in Kununurra on the 11-11-2011 at 11.11 am.

Almost immediately, Wayne and Brian were approached by Andy from Kings Church who put them onto Shirley Brown, a daughter of an Elder of Mulan community. COFM was asked to install Vision Christian Radio.

Shirley told us things were desperate in the community… There’d been a lot of suicides.

So the young COFM crew contacted Vision Radio and asked if they could help out, and they did! They supplied the system to us for a massively reduced $1000, normally costing up to $5000.  Wayne and Brian felt so blessed and organised with Bruce and Terri to travel to Mulan.

With the kind donations of Kings Church, Suncity Christian Church (Geradlton), Ron Manning and Geraldton Satellite & Wireless Services the team arrived on 17th July 2012 to install the dish.

Elder Betsy’s and Shirley Brown’s home was given an install of God TV satellite system and a classic PYE radio.  Shortly after the Vision radio station was installed the community store was completely sold out of PYE radios!!

Feeling confident they had made a permanent installation and leave a media presence in the community 24/7 Shirley and Brian spent an extra two days at Mulan sharing stories and handing out small Bible’s, courtesy of the Gideons.

The adventures at Mulan community don’t end there, come to the Trip Reports page to continue.