This year in June we will go to the top end of Queensland and have most of our team back from 2019 joining us again. Rod Baker will be our driver, chef, Chaplain and good friend. We will have Tony senior Satellite installer, myself, another Technician and Greg  working with children and families,  then Cameraman David Jack, and maybe Wayne Knapman to join us at some stage in the Mission. We will have people to help talk about the Gospel and how this media will help them have a better life. We will be joined in Queensland with Spot Fire Ministries. and two Indigenous Elders. We hope to have all our plans in at the end of May and a map of out route so people that help with funding and support can follow us and we will also have updates on our home page, Facebook and Vision Radio. I would also like to thank Vision Radio for partnering with us over the last 10 years and look forward to many more. While traveling on the mission if we come across Vision Radio stations, we make time to check if they are working ok and if need be, we can repair and get them back online. Please watch this short Video on our Last mission in 2019  

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We are looking for More Sponsors and Partners and if you find it in your heart to help save lives then please contact RHM. Many Thanks.