RESTORING HOPE MINISTRY exists because there is a great need in Australia to bring hope to the outback and remote communities and so correspondingly we Install God TV satellite systems to assist in bringing positive, life affirming, good quality gospel programs, movies, kids programs and live events that will save Australian lives and will help many communities with addictions and suicide problems. This has been a proven path with Mulan back in 2013, when we install 2 homes with God TV and installed Vision Radio in the community.

I am pleased to announce that our mission to the Top End of Queensland is good to go. Our main sites where we will base our journey on are Bamaga, Weipa, Aurukun, Lockhart River, Coen and Cooktown, our plan is to go to communities around these base sites and install 60 God TV satellite systems that have been donated by Wayne Knappman from Install- Life and God TV, many thanks Wayne. We are also hoping to catch up with Doug from Spotfire Ministries as they will join us at some stage during the mission. We will confirm our starting point and church and hope that you can join us as we leave the church to complete our top end mission in Queensland. We have been gifted a suitable 4 wheel drive Holden Rodeo with only 103,000 Klm. What a blessing! We also have 3 fuel cards valued at $5000 each to help with our running cost on the 3 cars, (Rod and Tony’s cars) a special thanks to Paul McLauchlan from the NT for this provision. We are a partner with Vision Radio and check that their sites are up and working in the communities that we visit. We will talk on radio when we can on the mission, giving updates. Updates will also be on our Facebook Page and new Home Page. If you are so moved we are also looking for further funding to assist us with food and some accommodation cost for the traveling in the top end of Queensland. See the giving page. Many thanks to all that have joined us and followed us on our mission over the years that has helped save many people. Brian Sonneman Mission Project Director https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JybS1cWd4kY

“Look at the nations [North] and observe – be utterly astounded! For something is taking place in your days that you will not believe when you hear about it” (Habakkuk 1:5)