Trip Reports

                Our Mission Trip to Cape York June 2022

Our Mission Team   Left to Right

Loraine-David -Delia-Donna-Tony-Brian-Rod-Greg with Chantelle and Doug From Spot Fire Ministry.

Our starting Base was from Cairns and our team left from different locations, Brian and Greg traveled from Geraldton to Cairns while David and Tony traveled from Melbourne, Donna Loraine and Rod traveled from Newcastle. Doug and Chantelle from Darwin and court up with the team at Bamaga.  We launched the mission with Support from Norman and Barbara Millar at their church in Cairns, Our first install was for Norman and Barbara and then to Norman’s Mother in Cairns.


  Aunty Donna on the left and Loraine

  Millers Church in Cairns  Norman and Barbara  Norma’s Mothers house

Then we had some news that Tony’s car had Gearbox problems and was going to be delayed in reaching Cairns, this was not in our plans as we were planning to travel from Cairns to Bamaga and start the mission in Bamaga. We prayed about the delay and talked in the group about what our plans will be now that Tony has been delayed. We had great unity in the group and we decided to start our mission in communities around Cairns our first Community was Yarrabah.

After reaching Yarrabah we spoke with the Church leader and installed one in the church then 2 other homes for Les and Michael, the next day we went back to Yarrabah and installed 2 more for Chris and one was for the church tressure.


Church at Yarrabah

the Community of Yarrabah


The next community was in Mareeba, and our contact was Geoff and Vick pastors at the Royals church in Mareeba, we installed a system at their home then we came back and installed one at the Church, and 2 others for church followers.


Royals Church with my trainee and Camera man David

Saturday the 11th we traveled to Cooktown and Sunday then had a Community church at the school and we received many leads for installs, Rodney knew a gentleman called Greg and we installed one at his home and then 2 others in the town.

Our camp at Cooktown

Our next community at Wulja Wulja was not what we wanted to hear, as we were asked to install, a system for the pastor and as we were waiting for him to arrive, we spoke to a lady that was running the library, the news was sad as we were told that 4 people had committed suicide in the last 4 weeks. We knew that our opportunity to install the systems and for others was not possible as in their culture they have a sorry time, so we left and headed back to Cooktown. We all felt that we arrived late and maybe if we had come 1-month early, we may have helped a little, with the Christian Media. I rang Vision Radio and asked if they could do the same install as we did for Mulan. Robbo was very helpful and we are now praying that this will happen with Vision in their community.


Our next Community was Hopetown and our contact was pastor Mark from the community church. His free-to-air, local channels were not working, so we changed his LNB and did a re-hit on the receiver with Optus, and then it was back on the air. We also installed God TV in their home and Mark and his wife were very happy.

This is a photo from inside the church


At this point in the mission, Tony was still delayed and as a team, we talked about moving on everyone agreed that we need to go to Bamaga as we believed this was the community we needed to get to and we found out later the reason why God had delayed us arriving into Bamaga. The reason was that Bamaga and 3 other close communities had been running their own Conference and that had been running for over 2 weeks, God’s timing was perfect we arrive at the end of their conference and they were ready for our team to come in and install God TV systems. We meet the pastors and that night at a church meeting following the conference 20 people put their names down for God Tv to be installed. When Tony and Rod Left Bamaga we had installed 28 Systems in the 4 Communities.

Left Davids Foot, Laying down on the job                          Our Campsite at Bamaga

Above a closer view of our site,                            Amie was blessed with her faith, She prayed that we                                                                                                    would be at her house in the morning, and Her Miracle at                                                                                           the bottom of these photos.


Above left David walking into the church           Our team is out for a meal after a busy day installing                Community Metting in Bamaga                            Systems

Amie s Miracle. Amies faith was strong and she knew when we would arrive to install her God TV. Amie asked if she could have a system in her lounge room and Bedroom and I had to say no as we did not have a dual LNB to run 2 Receivers.  Greg came over to me and said we could only find this LNB, it was different from the ones we had been installing, so I got Greg to show me and it was a Dual LNB and that is when Amie got her miracle, I did not pack a dual in my car when we left Geraldton and where did it come from?


Below is Greg and Brian crossing the river before arriving at Bamaga






We now have a Great video that our cameraman David Jack has put together for Chariots of Fire Ministries, along with our Gospel singer Dan Vogler, this mission back in May 2017 was a great success and we look forward to getting many more testimonies from people in the remote communities that we left God TV working and Vision Radio. Back in 2016 Wayne Knapman also donated a free TV to put in the church at Noonkanbah so they could watch God TV, that is what Malcolm is saying in his interview. This will be a blessing as we reach many people that are lost in remote communities and are bored. This media will give them hope as we cross Australia Saving Lives over the next 5 years. Please watch our new Video from Cameraman David Jack


With a late getaway from Perth after a thorough brief on the campers and utes, the crew spent the night in Geraldton. Equipment was loaded into the vehicles from the Geraldton ‘office’ at Brian’s house and we hit the road.  In a hope to maximise our time on country we drove for over 10 hours a day and made Broome by Day 3 (3rd May 2017).

A classic ‘Aussie’ roadside snack – Just out of Port Hedland.

A classic ‘Aussie’ roadside snack – Just out of Port Hedland.

Such shiny vehicles – on the way ‘up north’


We took a rest break and stocked up the camper fridges in Broome. In the evening, Dan Vogler got the guitar out and sung a few songs at the caravan park. Many people came and sat listening to the words. We remember a young boy with his dad waiting for a chance to speak with Dan afterwards and get his signature. Dan shared a word of encouragement and we all went to bed blessed.


The first installation day and the crew split in two (not literally). Unfortunately, the spectrum analyser with Wayne, Brayden and Chris was later found to be faulty and explains why we were unable to properly tune into the GodTV signal at One Arm Point.

  • Brian will be back to One Arm Point and Beagle Bay in July to finish the installation!


The team back together again, minus Brayden – who had to leave the group in Broome.

Visited Pastors Paul White and Yong Kim at Derby Baptist Church to encourage them and share stories. Wayne was particularly interested in The People’s Church that Yong Kim, a Korean pastor who has a passion for the country and aboriginal people of the north-west.

A satellite tuning refresher was held for the benefit of the Derby locals, who run a similar mission called Kingdom Aviation and for our team who weren’t so familiar with this particular dish configuration.

In the evening we shared with the folk there where we’ve come from and about the installation mission. After taking many photos and sharing his excitement with us, we ended up installing God TV at the Derby Peoples Church so everyone can join Pastor Kim watching good news anytime.

During the night service we prayed for many sick people. They received healing.


At Looma the COFM team put on a concert in the community that was very well received. There was a fantastic atmosphere and people came up for prayer after. Wayne stayed back well into the night praying with the locals and especially remembers a young man called Gideon. His knowledge of The Bible was better than all of us.

3 Girls in Looma. All happy to watch the concert from a distance

3 Girls in Looma. All happy to watch the concert from a distance


The road was said to be ok from the policeman at Camballin, but we found it no so as it had a lot of sandy patches and we bogged 2 cars. We found Malcom an elder in the community and set up our camp later that night.


Next Morning on the 10th May we checked his install at Malcom’s home plus the Church all good. Found that the Vision Radio was not working, repointed the dish and then it was back on. Could not cross the Fitzroy River as it was too high. So, we travelled on to Fitzroy Crossing town. We meet up with Pastor Warren and stayed the night with them and took all out for a meal.


On the 11th May we travelled to a community called Muludja that Pastor Warren suggested and installed 2 systems. Then we travelled to Bayulu to catch up with Melissa (EX Looma) but she was back in Noonkanbah for a Funeral. So, we travelled to Wangkatjungka (Christmas Creek) to see Joseph home but he was not home as he was on his way back from Perth after a Bible Study. We caught up with his wife and installed God TV and gave a receiver to the Pastor in the Community. That night Dan Vogler was sing and many came to listen then after people came forward for prayer and They have 3 churches in this Community. Dan asked the 3 pastors to talk and they did, all saying that they need UNITY in their community.


Thee next morning 12th May we installed the second God TV and found that Joseph was still at Fitzroy so we had to go on and missed meeting him. We travelled on to Halls Creek for fuel then down the Tanami road to Balgo. On the way with Brian’s Car and camper, Brian  notice that the car slowed down so he  look at the rear-vision mirror and saw smoke coming of the camper wheel and it was also on a lean. After David Jack (cameraman) and Brian got out we could see that it had lost 2 bolts on the wheel hub and only holding on with 2 other bolts. Brian notice that on the sub frame on each side there where 2 bolts together so Brian  took 1 from each side and that was the same as the ones we had lost!

After a while we had the wheel back on and had to travel another 70 KLM and arrived at Balgo. We came to cross roads in Balgo and stopped a car with 2 young men. We asked the for help and one was a Ranger training a Ranger at Balgo. The trainer was Betsy’s grandson from Mulan. So, the ranger from Balgo took us to a Catholic church and the father said we could camp outside and he open a boarding house room to shower and toilet. We were so blessed.

Next morning the 13th May we found a mechanic to fix the top to bolts that need to be replaced as they had a bend, all fixed and we gave him $100 for the work. Dan and I travelled to Mulan and check the 2 systems at Besties home and Shirley’s home was vacant, but we did install a God TV system to Besties sister house, she did not have a TV so the one we had for training we donated to her so she could watch God TV. Then we travelled back to Balgo and installed God TV for the Ranger that helped us and another house a friend of the ranger, 2 installed the we headed back to Halls Creek. On the way in Dan rang Pater Bernard and confirmed that we could camp the night as this is the home town for Pastor Brett Wilshire. We stopped for a meal then on to the Church and set up Camp.


Sunday morning we caught up with Pastor Bernard and went to the church for Dan singing and to take the service. A great morning and we talked to the congregation re our mission. That afternoon we installed God TV for Pastor Bernard at his home. They invited us back for an evening service and a BBQ meal and we had people come forward and gave their life to Jesus and asked for healing and recommitted to the Lord. A great night to remember.


Monday the 15th we left for Warmun and when we arrived they had no homes that we could install God TV so we said we would get back to them and they would look for2 homes. So, we went to the road house for a coffee break on the way I smelt this weird smell and though it was just from the Community. After our coffee, I tried to start the car and no go just went click, click like a battery terminal lose, checked all ok, we spoke with Robert from Camper hire and said we would have to jump start, no leads had to purchase a set for $50 and then turn of all power off e.g. lights radio. After we had been on the road Robert rang and said that the battery had shorted out 1 cell, so we could not go to any other communities and headed for Kununurra to pick up a new Battery. We arrived in Kununurra mid-afternoon and got a new battery. Rang Pastor Bruce and meet him at Eden the property name for his home. Terri put on a very nice meal all where happy and we all enjoyed the night with Bruce and Terri.


May the 16th I took the team out to the Ord Dam which is 7 times bigger than Sydney Harbour. Then we came back and say good bye to David Jack as he flew back to Melbourne. May the 17th we picked up Wayne Knapman and Jamie his Cameraman and then went and did an interview with Patricia who had God TV installed may years ago, back to Eden stay the night. Thursday the 18th May we installed God TV for the Ambulance officer for the town and an Indigenous family that Bruce recommended This night Bruce and Terri shouted us a meal in the town restaurant, and just before we were about to leave I said that tomorrow I will be 65 years young. So, next thing I see is Terri and Wendy bring a small muffin cake with 2 candles. and 4 strawberries. I was so moved I just about had a tear in my eye.


Friday the 19th May we left for the Gibb River Road after confirming that we could cross the Pentecost River. After crossing the main river on the Gibb Road, we arrived at the Home Valley Station for the night and meet 2 young men Josh and Peter that had worked on Satellite systems and NBN. They join us and wanted to see how to install God TV systems. Here was a single man singing for Home Valley Station and he allowed Dan a few Songs and I notice that after some people had paid for their meal they stayed and listen to Dan. A great night and the Barra was great!

Saturday the 20th we left for Dodnum Community where we showed the 2 guys how to install God TV. As I was driving in i remembered that Shirley and I had install a system when in Kununurra. They were missionaries for the community and remembered me and said that I had been there before with my wife. So, we installed 2 systems one for the Pastor Dennis and his wife and a 3 system in the following morning 21st May. We stayed and had a church service all the team and Dennis lead the service a great morning. Then the 2 men went with 5 systems and headed for Kalumburu to install systems. Our team went on to Mount Bennet (Kupungarri Community) where we installed 2 systems and we camp at a great water hole and the view as great, also Wayne and Jamie jumped off a cliff and landed in the pool below.

Then the 22 May we then drove onto Imintji Community and fixed 2 campers with new Bolts. Installed 2 systems and stayed the night at their new Caravan Park.

On the 23rd May we left to see some Gorges but where closed due to the heavy rain they had this season. So, we arrived in Derby that night and camped with Pastor Pauls Church. We left some systems with him as his Satellite tech will be back soon and will help in stall some systems for COFM. That day we heard form Josh that he and Peter had installed 2 systems in Kalumburu.

The 24th we all left for the Boab tree where Both Wayne’s went to see Looma again and Chris and I went on to Pandanus Community to install 2 systems. We all meet again and Wayne and Chris left for Port Hedland to stay with Keith. Wayne Jamie and myself went to Broome for the night.


The 25th May I left Broome and helped get Wayne and myself to Carnarvon and had a meal and stop over. The next morning we left for Geraldton and clean Wayne’s car a little then he went on to Perth and I returned my car on the Monday