My name is Brian Sonneman Coordinator for Restoring Hope Ministry  

For each mission, we have used this verse to give hope and find the lost, Luke 15 verse 11 the Prodigal son.


Ephesians 2 verse 8

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast- for we are God’s Handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

How it started

My Mission journey started when driving to Perth, back in 2008 God put on my heart to use my skills, flying and satellite work with communications and Missions.  

 I’ve covered most of WA by air and seen the great Southland of the Holy Spirit Throughout WA. In 2017 I knew that it was time to stop flying because of my health, so with that in mind I ended my flying career and as I look back over this period of 48 years, I logged over 3000 flying hours.

In 2009 I wrote a letter to God asking him for help to support Shirley, and I asked God for help to get a job. Shirley’s sister Pam was staying with us, after finishing the letter we read it aloud to God. That afternoon I received a phone call to fly Tony to set up site surveys for a Telephone tower system to be installed in remote Indigenous Communities. 3 days later I was flying up to Broome to meet Tony and learn how to survey sites, then a few weeks later I was shown how to install the phone systems, so communities could ring 000 for the flying doctor, most communities had their own airstrip. We stayed in Kununurra for just over a year and then the Government had a hung parliament, so they stopped installing Satellite systems. When we first arrive in Kununurra God said to visit people in the park in Kununurra, I couldn’t as we were busy installing Satellite systems. We fell in love with indigenous people as we visited many communities over the years and saw that people needed help. So, with no satellite installs this gave us the opportunity to visit people in the park, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with cold water and listen to their stories, this was a ministry God wanted me to do when I first arrived in Kununurra. After leading people to the lord and seeing people healed, I wanted to do more for communities.

 We started our first Ministry back in Kununurra and with the help of Bruce and Terri Connell from Kings Church, we launched Chariots of Fire Ministries in Kununurra on 11/11/2011.  In 2019 Wayne A and I drifted apart, after this mission, the team suggested that we break away and form our own Ministry and this was called Restoring Hope Ministry, we believed that this would give people hope in their lives. Back in 2013, we were asked if we could install Vision Radio in the Mulan community as they had Drugs, alcohol, and suicides in the community. We asked Vision Radio for permission to install a system. The story was aired on Radio and a viewer donated the funds needed to install it in the Mulan community. Shirly and I flew in a Bonanza, installing Vision Radio for the Community and 2 God TV systems into homes. The store owner had 12 Pye Radios and after Vision Radio was working, he sold all 12. Back to Mulan in 2015 with Greg Gannon and me, we flew to Halls Creek to pick up Terri Connell and Wendy Butter. Then on to Mulan and Baptized around 10 people which grew to 32 people, this was achieved with a hose. We visited again with Dan Vogler a Christian singer back in 2018 and were told again that there have been no suicides since Vision Radio and God TV were installed back in 2013, and to date, we still haven’t heard of any suicides in Mulan.

While in Melbourne late last year we heard that God TV and other Christian media channels would be leaving the Optus D2 satellite network and switching to Vast where they have free-to-air. This meant that we were not just putting out Christian media channels anymore and would have other programs that were not suitable for people in remote Communities.  Our team members agreed not to take the ministry any further and now we won’t be installing any further Satellite systems. I personally am waiting on God to tell me where I need to go and how I can still help the Indigenous people and give them hope plus a better lifestyle so we can be one, Australian altogether.

So, with great thanks and gratitude from the team I wish to thank the church for the funding that assisted our missions and our brothers and sisters that have prayed and donated funds for each of the missions we have completed, we couldn’t have achieved this without your support. 

 So now I am waiting on God for his direction. 

Thank you to my wife Shirley, for your help and support over many years. 

God Bless